Support NCSBHA

The proposed model of operations for NCSBHA will:


  • Expand and strengthen SBHCs across the state, increasing access to quality health and mental health care for underserved children and adolescents;
  • Maximize SBHC financial stability through cost saving efficiencies for SBHCs through shared best practices on key operations;
  • Increase SBHC capacity for measuring effectiveness of services on students’ health and educational outcomes using common measurement and evaluation;
  • Increase capacity for SBHCs to intervene at the point of performance for students (i.e., the school setting);
  • Provide quality training and technical assistance to assure SBHC professionals remain up-to-date on healthcare and operational advances; and
  • Strengthen SBHCs role in NC’s medical home community.

Desired Support Level:

$200,000 - $275,000 per year.  Minimum capacity building funding would support a full-time executive director, part-time evaluator, and a part-time program assistant. Additional funding would support needed personnel and operational expenses to implement each of the core areas.  For more information, please contact: Tammy Greenwell at (828) 233-2288.