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What is school-based health care?

All children and adolescents deserve to thrive. But too many lack access to health care because of their family’s income, lack of health insurance, or systemic inequities. School-based health care places health care where students already spend most of their time: in school. School-based health centers are partnerships between schools and community health organizations to offer care that includes but is not limited to primary care, mental health, oral health, and vision services.

WISH Celebrates 25 Years of Providing Comprehensive Health Services to Wayne County Students


Goldsboro, NC – Wayne Initiative for School Health (WISH), partners with UNC Health Wayne, Wayne County Public Schools, local city and county government, and community organizations, is thrilled to celebrate its 25th anniversary of serving the health needs of middle and high school students in seven Wayne County Public Schools.

Since its inception, WISH has been dedicated to delivering expert school-based care to students, offering a wide range of services including medical, nutritional, behavioral, and preventative health care. The organization's in-school centers are staffed by a highly qualified team of six full-time Registered Nurses, six Office Assistants, and two floating Nurse Practitioners, who work collaboratively with Registered Dietitians, Health Educators, Pediatricians, and Mental Health Providers to address the diverse needs of the students.

WISH Centers have consistently provided in-school physical exams, adolescent health screenings, mental and behavioral health visits, nutritional assessments, and vital support to students with acute and chronic conditions. By bringing high-quality care to the school campuses, WISH reduces absenteeism and enables students to focus on their education.

"As one of the largest collaborative efforts in our community, WISH has played a significant role in keeping children healthy and in school for the past 25 years," said Pam Anderson, Director of Corporate Health and Business Outreach for UNC Health Wayne. "Our program allows students to receive the healthcare services they need without interrupting their school day, easing the burden on families and promoting better academic outcomes."

WISH has emerged as a model for school-based care, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving student health and reducing healthcare costs for families. By boosting immunization rates, providing preventative health education, and assisting students in managing chronic health conditions, WISH has become an invaluable resource for Wayne County students.

The success of WISH is made possible through the support of state and local resources, as well as the generous contributions from local organizations that recognize the value of school-based care. The organization remains committed to ensuring that students have access to highly qualified medical professionals, advanced treatments, and comprehensive assessments.

As WISH celebrates its 25th anniversary, it remains committed to its mission to improve the health and wellness of Wayne County students. By continuing to provide comprehensive care and support, WISH aims to empower students to thrive academically and develop the skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

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